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Reinvigorate your EYFS/KS1 learning environments

Start the new school year with a fresh space that enables outstanding teaching and learning experiences.

A well-designed classroom inspires pupils and equips teachers to deliver amazing practice. Our free Room Plan* provides you with a specially crafted design that incorporates the latest thinking, complements your curriculum and enables you to create a space that’s a pleasure to teach in.

Whether you have a clear vision or a blank page

We’re here to support you, wherever you are with your planning. Our expert Curriculum Consultants are all qualified teachers and former school leaders themselves. We’ll get to the core of what you need, talking through what you know will work best, as well as covering aspects you may not have considered yet.

We’ll work with you to create the best approach for your brand-new classroom, or your learning environment that’s ready for a refresh.

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Hear from some of the schools we’ve transformed

Every detail, thoroughly covered

Our bespoke designs enable your environment to deliver the best outcomes

Age-appropriate: Rooms are expertly designed by our team of qualified educators, around ages 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years and 5-7 years.

Reflect national policy: All designs consider Ofsted expectations, DfE guidelines and the EYFS and KS1 curriculums.

Use the latest thinking: We incorporate the most up-to-date classroom ideas into your design and ensure that it looks fantastic too.

Tailored to you, your pupils and your school: Every design is unique, considering every facet of the people and the space it serves. We don’t use templates.

What teachers appreciate most about our room plan service

The time saved: All the thinking is done for you, so you don’t need to spend hours researching and planning. Every item required to bring your plan to life, is itemised and included with your design.

Our unparalleled support: We involve you throughout the process, checking in at every stage. When you go on to order our provision, you’ll receive ready-built equipment, slotted into place for you.

We work around your timelines: Whether you’re planning ahead, or are preparing for an upcoming inspection, we work to your timing.

How it all works

Step 1: Make an initial enquiry by completing our Room Plan Form.

Step 2: Our Team will contact you to explain the process and book a date for your consultation.

Step 3: At the consultation we’ll get to know you and your environment, taking down measurements and details, as needed.

Step 4: One of our Curriculum Consultants will then tailor a room plan for your space, using our design software and expertise.

Step 5: We’ll then meet again to discuss the room plan, ensuring you have a design that gets the best from your space.

Step 6: Finally, we provide you with your new room plan and a detailed list of everything you need to bring it to life.

What schools often ask us

Is the room plan really designed specifically for my space?

Yes. There are so many aspects to consider when designing your classroom – from curriculum and pedagogical considerations to your school ethos. We think about your individual needs and tastes, as well as the size and configuration of your room. That’s why we don’t work off templates because every environment is unique.

How long does it take to redesign a classroom?

Our service is designed around schools. We’ll work within your requirements, ensuring that we create a fresh classroom environment, within your timeframes. Please discuss your timelines with our Curriculum Consultant during your initial call.

Is it really free?

Yes. *This service is free of charge to schools that go on to spend £3,000 on furniture, storage and resources, within 6 months of receiving their room plan. Should you not go on to purchase through Early Excellence, we’ll charge a consulting fee for the service.