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Transform Your Classroom Environments

If rethinking your EYFS & KS1 classroom environments is a priority, then do get in touch. We take great care in helping you to plan learning environments tailored to meet the needs of your children in your context, offering guidance to help you maximise your space in ways that nurture children’s dispositions, engage their interests and enrich their learning opportunities across the whole curriculum.

Request a Free Room Plan Consultation

Our Curriculum Team, all educational leaders, offer a FREE planning service to help you review your provision, rethink the use of your space and identify all the classroom furniture, resources and storage you will need to achieve an outstanding learning environment. 

Why Choose EEX To Refurbish Your Classrooms
What sets us apart?

  • EYFS & KS1 Expertise 
    By choosing to work with the team at Early Excellence, you are assured of working with colleagues who have significant experience of teaching in EYFS and KS1. From curriculum and pedagogy through to practice and provision, all elements of learning will be integrated into your classroom designs to inspire young minds. 

  • Uniquely Bespoke 
    Every solution is tailored to your unique environment, teacher and pupil needs, shaping the right solution for each of your learning environments. With Early Excellence you will plan collaboratively with our team and engage in professional dialogue to create a design for your space, your children and your curriculum. The whole experience is personalised, whether we meet onsite in school, or online.

  • All Aspects Considered
    The task of choosing everything you need for your EYFS or KS1 classrooms is made much easier. We are unique in offering complete solutions including age-appropriate furniture, learning resources for all provision areas, and storage to support independent learning. Every aspect is carefully considered, and a list of equipment is provided for each classroom, expertly chosen to suit your tailored plan.  

  • Great Personal Service 
    The opportunity to work with one of our EYFS or KS1 Consultants is something teachers tell us is a real privilege, and the feeling is mutual! We love supporting schools passionate about improving their learning environments and you will gain advice at every point along the way. Not only do you gain help to plan the space and choose the equipment, we also help to set-up your classrooms when we deliver. And, if anything goes wrong, our team are there to sort it out. No quibble! 

Do reach out! Our team will be delighted to work with you.

Phone: 01422 311314 
Email: admin@earlyexcellence.com 

Request a Room Plan Consultation Today

“We are thrilled to see how well the children are playing and learning every day. We know that the resources and how they are organised is making such a huge difference to their well-being and overall development.”

Marianne Porter
Headteacher, Brecknock Primary School

For more ideas & Inspiration for your classroom refresh project, head to earlyexcellence.shop  or request a Brochure Pack