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National Briefing Summer 2023

With Ofsted under increased scrutiny and the DfE focused on broader education issues, perhaps now is a good time to turn our attention to children again, and specifically how adults working with them can be as impactful as possible.

In light of this, we are focusing our Summer Briefing on the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), and how their research and resources can support your work, deepen professional knowledge and strengthen practice.

During an interview with Sarah Tillotson, EEF Practice Hub Lead, we will be asking for advice on how schools can make best use of the:

  • School Leader Tools & Strategic Guidance 
  • Teacher Resources including the Early Years Toolkit 
  • Resources that support cross-phase work between EYFS/KS1
  • Resources that support curriculum development

We will also explore:  

  • How schools can engage with research projects, with examples of work currently underway being shared
  • The Early Years Stronger Practice Hubs, the EEF role as a key partner and any benefits of being involved in these. 

In addition, we will be discussing the challenges of SEND, shining a spotlight on effective transition and sharing latest examples of curriculum development, celebrating how schools have successfully addressed this to meet the needs of their children.

Audience: Heads, Senior Leaders, EYFS & KS1 Leads and Teachers
Date: Tuesday 20th June
£65 (exc. VAT) per person

Attend the live course or choose to purchase an online recording, which will be accessible from Monday 26th June.

For more information and to order your recording, please follow the links below.

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