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Date: September 8, 2020

Navigating Early Years Policy: Preparing for the Changes Ahead

In the last week, we have seen the publication of Development Matters, the new non-statutory curriculum guidance which supports delivery of the recently revised EYFS. This follows the announcement from the Department for Education around funding to help schools boost early language skills in Reception. We have also heard that an Early Years Sector Coalition are proposing to develop additional guidance. This is a period of rapid change for us all in the sector and we know that careful scrutiny and understanding of these materials will be a high priority for all of you.

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Explore Early Years Policy

Our unbiased National Briefing  webinars in October will explore where things currently stand with policy and development matters guidance and will support you to unpick the implications for leadership and classroom practice for you and your team. We will off a focus on the current debate about the ‘learning gap’ which may have opened over the last few months.  This requires us to consider who is likely to have been most impacted, how best to ascertain what those ‘gaps’ may be and to carefully examine how best we can support young children in a meaningful, developmentally appropriate and sustained way.

As part of the National Briefing, we want to offer you the opportunity to ask questions linked to the changes. We will then dedicate part of the session to answering as many of these as we can. You can submit your questions by completing this form.

Whether you have chosen to be an early adopter of the development matters new policies or are waiting until September 2021 to fully implement these, the National Briefing webinar is a vital starting point. Strategic planning of your next steps will be crucial and with our specialist expertise in Early Years and KS1, we are ideally placed to support you as we tailor our work to meet your priorities. Book a free telephone consultation with one of our Senior Team to discuss your development priorities and a strategic programme of support to suit your budget.

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Audit your Early Years provision with our free online audit tools, and join schools across the country who are rethinking and developing their approaches to teaching and learning.

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Speak to one of our Curriculum Consultants to help you with designing a new space or an existing classroom. We will work with you to discuss your vision and design your rooms to create a vibrant learning environment.

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Explore our School Leader Reflection Tools for Reading and Writing to initiate high-quality, professional dialogues, focussed on teaching and learning.

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