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Knowsley Project Review

Please fill out your feedback on the project below.

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  • What difference has the project made to:

  • The children in your school/setting?
  • The adult team?
  • Your professional development?
  • Which part of the project has inspired you most?

  • What has surprised you?

  • Please consider which aspects of the project have had the most significant impact for the following areas. Briefly explain why and how:

  • Developing Provision
  • Developing Practice
  • Children’s learning and development through rich play based experiences
  • Practitioner skills and knowledge
  • How has your thinking changed or developed and how has this influenced you?

  • What have been the biggest challenges? How have you overcome them?

  • Overall, what do you think has been the main impact of the project?

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Thank you for your comments and taking part in the project. If you have any questions, please email admin@earlyexcellence.com