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Carefully Curated Resources for Outdoor Learning   

Invest in children’s learning outdoors with carefully planned resource collections designed to maximise children’s development to the full.

Find large scale equipment to challenge physical skills and promote collaborative learning such as building and constructing, along with investigative materials to inspire curiosity such as water investigations, digging and gardening, as well as resource collections to promote imaginative play such as outdoor small world, or role camping – all chosen to stimulate language and communication.

Why Choose Early Excellence Outdoor Resources?

  • Carefully chosen for independent learning across the curriculum stimulating language and communication throughout
  • Large scale, open-ended possibilities to enable physical development and collaborative play
  • Complete collections for all key areas from water investigations, building and den play, through to games and gardening
  • Delivered as readymade collections by our in-house team with excellent after sales service

If you are planning to refresh your outdoor areas and you want help to select the resources that work for your children in the space you have available, simply reach out for help. 

We’d be delighted to advise you on exactly what you need to maximise learning opportunities across the curriculum in all areas of learning and development 

Simply contact our team: 

Phone: 01422 311314 
Email: admin@earlyexcellence.com 

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