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Complete Outdoor Stores for Rapid Improvement  

To help you rapidly improve your outdoor learning environments in one easy step, take a look at our fully equipped Outdoor Stores with resources suitable for children in Early Years & KS1.

Curated by our Curriculum Team, they offer an expert solution to ensuring that your children have access to a well organised, easily accessible outdoor environment in which to learn.

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Each of our Complete Fully Equipped Stores, are designed with young children’s learning in mind, offering you expertly planned large scale resource collections to nurture children’s personal development, investigative and creative thinking. They offer an ideal solution to raising the quality of your outdoor curriculum enabling continuity and progression 3-7yrs.

Fully Equipped Stores include:  

  • An attractive metal store with secure locks, ramps and shelves, in a green metal finish with a 10yr warranty, in small and large options
  • Carefully curated learning opportunities with resource collections to support key areas of the curriculum including science, maths, language & literacy  
  • Complete resource collections with large and small resources to inspire young learners, chosen for outdoor use in EYFS & KS1 
  • A wide range of storage containers to support the effective organisation of outdoor resources in the store, and to make them more easily accessible

For a best practice, one-stop solution to rapid improvement – these Complete Outdoor Stores, fully equipped for Early Years and KS1 offer long lasting great quality and value.

For advice about which Complete Outdoor Stores to choose for your environment, simply contact our team. 

Phone: 01422 311314 
Email: sales@earlyexcellence.com 

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