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National Events

Summer National Briefings

Join our National Briefings this summer term, supported by the NAHT, where we will focus on key issues surrounding funding, inspection, primary accountability and more.

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Use Our Rapid Improvement Service

Access dedicated support to develop your EYFS and gain improved outcomes.

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Start a Learning Network

Join a learning network with schools in your area and stay in touch with the latest developments in the EYFS and beyond.

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Join a Transformational Cluster Project

Start a cluster project to inform and inspire significant developments in your EYFS and/or KS1.

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Attend an Interactive Environment Workshop

Attend a workshop based in the Interactive Environment at various venues across the country.

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Access a Curriculum Project

Take part in one of our three day training projects and transform your approach to teaching literacy and maths.

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Commission Tailor-made Support

Completely overhaul your learning environment with our specialist furniture and resources and gain a package of bespoke training to re-energise your practice.

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Host an Inspiring Conference

Plan an early years conference with informative keynotes, practical workshops and an interactive environment to inspire development.

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Plan an Inspirational Event

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of child-led and adult-led learning with our inspirational three day event.

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Benefit from Bespoke On-site Training

Commission courses as a cluster of schools and benefit from on-site training for your team.

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