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Responsible early childhood pedagogy

Jan Dubiel Responsible early childhood pedagogy

Early years educators, particularly those working in schools, could be forgiven for experiencing a sense of ‘besiegement’.

Two recent events have focused attention on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in general, and the reception year in particular, creating concern that fundamental, long- standing, non-negotiables of e ective pedagogy are being undermined.

The DfE’s response to the Assessment Consultation proposed a new Baseline for the reception year that would speci cally ‘not’ be based on observational assessment, nor have any formative value. It suggested a ‘narrowing down’ of the areas assessed by the EYFS Pro le and potential changes to the content and pitch of the Early Learning Goals (ELGs). Ofsted’s Bold Beginnings recommends that learning to read should be considered as the exclusive ‘core purpose’ of reception focusing on the necessity
of speci cally teaching ‘correct pencil grip’ and ‘how