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Our Strategic Vision

We are seeking strategic partners to help the internationalisation and implementation of the following services:

  • Early Excellence Accredited Qualifications (EExAQ) specialising in early childhood pedagogy, leadership and management.
  • Early Excellence Accredited Teacher Trainers (EExTT) fully supported by Early Excellence to deliver EExAQ training, tutoring and mentoring.
  • Early Excellence Teacher Training Centres established and curated by Early Excellence to provide state of the art facilities for the training and development of kindergarten teachers.
  • Early Excellence Assessment Tracker (EExAT) developed as the leading early childhood online assessment system for teachers and parents to document and celebrate children’s development Birth–6yrs.
  • Early Excellence Learning Environments with furniture and play resources designed, manufactured and curated by Early Excellence in the UK to provide the very best EYFS kindergarten classrooms.

To talk more about becoming an international partner contact Jan Dubiel, International Director: international@earlyexcellence.com

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Early Excellence Accredited Qualifications (EExAQ)

EExAQ has been developed to provide a blended model of training and development delivered at several levels to ensure that practicing teachers become specialists in early childhood pedagogy, leadership and management.

Early Excellence Accredited Teacher Trainers (EExTT)

By recruiting experienced, graduate teachers currently working in international kindergartens to join our Accredited Teacher Trainers programme, we can secure the effective leadership of the Teacher Training Centres and the delivery of EExAQ, the Early Excellence Accredited Qualifications.

Early Excellence Teacher Training

By opening Teacher Training Centres attached to international kindergartens, we will significantly enhance the teacher training experience by fully immersing kindergarten teachers in the traditions of early childhood education and by demonstrating the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in action.

Watch our London Centre video to discover more:

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Early Excellence Assessment Tracker (EExAT)

EExAT is a sophisticated online system for use by kindergarten staff to asses children’s development in 6 monthly stages with learning journals to document and celebrate children’s development with parents. It is the only online early years tool with all your assessment needs in one place whilst supporting best practice in assessment and documenting learning.

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Specialists in Early Years Environments

We design and manufacture our own furniture and equipment in the UK and are the curators of the best resources available. We plan and equip pre-schools, nurseries, kindergartens and schools using our vast range of furniture, resources and storage – and we can ship worldwide. We work with architects and hand drawn plans of pre-school and school rooms and transform these into vibrant educational spaces for children aged 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 5-6yrs.

Partners in Early Childhood Curricula

Early Excellence has an impressive track record of shaping and developing both national and local policy and practice. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to provide innovative and practical solutions to the challenges of delivering, assessing, monitoring and valuating early childhood curricula. We have developed a clear understanding of the interface between strategic policy and everyday practice and this translation of policy into practice is central to our successful approach.