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EExBA – YR Baseline Assessment

The Future of Baseline – What You Need to Know

The Department for Education (DfE) is currently consulting on Primary Assessment and within this consultation there are questions about the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) and Baseline.

As it is highly likely that a baseline policy will re-emerge affecting all Primary and Infant Schools, it is critical that senior leaders and teachers who chose the Early Excellence Baseline (EExBA) in 2016, and who therefore value a holistic, teacher-led, observational approach to on-entry assessment, complete the consultation.

To help you we have written a short guidance document that will support you in thinking about the consultation questions and your response. Even if you don’t feel able to answer all the Primary phase questions, you should still complete the early year questions as this is the only way to contribute to the future of baseline assessment.

Any new baseline measure will not be in place until Sept 2018 at the earliest – which means that schools can continue to use the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment (EExBA) in September 2017 – and we would encourage you to do this to secure your year on year data.

Re-registration for September 2017 is now open.