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EExBA – YR Baseline Assessment

EExBA – The Early Excellence Baseline Assessment

EExBA was the YR baseline system choice of most schools in 2015, at almost 70%. As we await the DfE’s decision regards a future, single national baseline for September 2018, many schools continued to use EExBA and in 2016 and are now signing up again for 2017.

The reasons given were:

  • It’s good for children and for practitioners as EExBA does not disrupt the settling in process
  • There are no tests or set tasks. The assessments are based on what practitioners know about the child, mostly from their observations and interactions with them during normal activities.
  • Completing the EExBA online takes an average of only 9 minutes per child
  • All aspects of children’s learning are assessed including their learning dispositions, Prime areas, Literacy and Maths
  • Children’s levels of Well-being and Involvement are also evaluated and then recorded to provide vital contextual information
  • The free training, guidance materials and helpdesk support, along with the wealth of exemplification materials and film clips, ensure judgements are secure. In 2016 practitioner judgements were 100% consistent therefore the data that EExBA produces is robust.

In November we publish on-line, a comprehensive analysis of the whole data set, enabling schools to compare their own data with other schools, vulnerable groups etc.

Schools will also receive the option to purchase the complete EExBA data-set; this offers the ability to compare their own school’s data with other schools, other children, vulnerable groups