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EExBA – YR Baseline Assessment

EExBA 2016

On 7th April the DfE confirmed that, although baseline data will no longer be used as an accountability measure, the government are continuing to support on‑entry assessment and fund Baseline in 2016. This means that schools using EExBA can continue to do so in September 2016.

EExBA was implemented by 12,500 schools in 2015 entirely due to the fact that it was a practitioner led, non-invasive observational assessment, that used the Leuven Scales of Well Being and Involvement to ascertain whether the child was ‘settled’ and used the Characteristics of Effective Learning alongside the Areas of Learning and Development.

In addition, groups of schools using EExBA found great value in sharing, analysing and interpreting comparable data in order to identify common patterns and headlines.

This year, the benefits of continuing to use EExBA are:

  • Continuity of a shared approach that reflects the principles of the EYFS
  • Opportunity to embed Well Being and Involvement in practice
  • Consistency across schools in how attainment and achievement are described
  • Ability to compare year on year and like for like data


Importantly, by choosing to re-register for EExBA in 2016 we are building momentum around practitioner‑led assessment and helping to ensure that the government’s next move is shaped by best practice. Together we will create a clear narrative that articulates what really matters to children, their long term development and ‘life chances’. In doing so we can continue to be accountable for the impact of a principled and value driven pedagogy in the EYFS.

Sign up for 2016
If you used EEXBA in 2015 then you will be familiar with eexba.com where you will find all of the latest information about how to sign-up and select training ready to for using EEXBA in September 2016.