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Early Excellence Assessment Tracker (EExAT)

What is EExAT?

The Early Excellence Assessment Tracker (EExAT) is the new online assessment system developed by Early Excellence for early years. It offers one, complete solution to tracking, documenting, moderating and reporting children’s learning Birth – 5yrs.

Hear Liz Marsden, the Founder and Chief Executive of Early Excellence talk about why Early Excellence developed EExAT and its significance within the current landscape.

What does EExAT do?

Module One
This module lies at the heart of the system, offering a framework for assessing and tracking attainment and progress. It provides you with:

  • On-entry assessment at any age, at whatever point of entry from Birth – end of EYFS.
  • On-going Assessment up to three times a year producing data on attainment and progress.
  • End of EYFS Assessment of the ELGs, emerging, expected, exceeding with GLD score.
  • Data Reporting & Analysis to monitor attainment and progress as it builds over time with reports for individuals, groups and cohorts of children.

See Sample Assessment Statements

Module Two
This second module brings documentation to life, evidencing children’s achievements, celebrating and sharing children’s work. It will provide you with:

  • An APP for collecting evidence and recording observations.
  • Online Learning Journals for each child with parental contribution.
  • Online Moderation System to exemplify statements and evidence practitioner judgements.
  • Child Development Training using 100s of films that exemplify a child’s journey from Birth – end of ETFS.

See Sample Learning Journal

Module Three
This third module is ideal for Local Clusters, Academy Groups and MATs. It enables you to work collaboratively and:

  • Link your system to the schools you want to work with.
  • Generate group/MAT reports by collating data from each school.
  • Moderate across schools by drawing together evidence from each school.

Why choose EExAT now?

Why struggle anymore with a system that only does part of the job, or several systems that don’t work together? EExAT is a fantastic system that brings everything together in one place giving you a well thought through solution that is future proof – a solution that you can trust as a practitioners, EYFS leader and school leader.

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