Water Investigations

Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with our huge range of high quality early years resources. Support children’s physical development as they engage in larger scale Water Investigations, with open-ended resources and practical tools.

  • Water Investigations Complete Collection 3-7yrs

    Product Code: ODWP01 £845.00 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Moving Water Collection

    Product Code: ODWP21 £375.00 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Collect & Transport Water Collection

    Collect & Transport Water Collection

    Product Code: ODWP20 £195.00 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Guttering & Pipes Resource Collection

    Guttering & Pipes Resource Collection

    Product Code: ODWP18 £235.00 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Guttering and Pipe Stands

    Set of Guttering & Pipe Stands

    Product Code: ODWP22 £175.00 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Mark Making Collection

    Mark Making Collection

    Product Code: ODEA02 £94.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Jerry Cans

    Product Code: ODWP15 £44.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Large & Small Trugs

    Set of Large & Small Trugs

    Product Code: ODWP14 £30.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Clear Funnels, Jugs and Tubing for Outdoor Water Play, Investigation and Learning

    Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing

    Product Code: ODWP19 £21.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Large Rectangular Tray

    Large Deep Rectangular Tray

    Product Code: ODST18 £24.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Graduated Bowls

    Prices From: £19.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Brushes Set

    Set of Sweeping Brushes

    Product Code: ODWP09 £34.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Buckets

    Set of Grey Buckets

    Product Code: ODWP13 £19.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Set of Bowls

    Set of Bowls

    Product Code: ODWP12 £12.95 (exc. VAT) View More
  • Water Investigations Storage Collection 3-7yrs

    Product Code: ODSTWP £150.00 (exc. VAT) View More