EYFS Books & Publications

  • The EEX Guide to Continuous Provision 3-5yrs

    Product Code: BKS99905 $46.31 View More
  • The EEX Guide to Outdoor Provision 3-5yrs

    Product Code: BKS99906 $46.31 View More
  • Guide to Continuous Provision Full Set

    Product Code: BKSP99 $125.69 View More
  • Inquiry Book

    Getting Personal with Inquiry Learning

    Product Code: BKS99946 $36.98 View More
  • The Growth of a Storyteller: Helicopter Stories in Action

    Product Code: BKS99948 $22.42 View More
  • Early Childhood Theories Today

    Product Code: BKS99947 $35.71 View More
  • A Guide to SEND in the Early Years

    Product Code: BKS99943 $25.12 View More
  • Health and Well-being in Early Childhood

    Health and Well-being in Early Childhood

    Product Code: BKS99904 $34.38 View More
  • Learning Through Woodwork - Pete Moorhouse

    Learning Through Woodwork

    Product Code: BKS99945 $30.42 View More
  • The Secret Life of 4, 5 & 6 Year Olds

    The Secret Life of 4, 5 & 6 Year Olds

    Product Code: BKS99944 $22.48 View More
  • Reducing Educational Disadvantage

    Reducing Educational Disadvantage

    Product Code: BKS12109 $26.45 View More
  • Young Children's PSE Development

    Young Children’s PSE Development

    Product Code: BKS11729 $13.22 View More
  • Young Children's Thinking

    Young Children’s Thinking

    Product Code: BKS11678 $31.74 View More
  • I Am Two!

    I Am Two! Working Effectively with Two Year Olds and Their Families

    Product Code: BKS99939 $23.81 View More
  • Interacting&Interferring_byJulieFisher

    Interacting or Interfering? Improving Interactions in the Early Years

    Product Code: BKS99937 $31.74 View More
  • Intellectual Emergencies

    Intellectual Emergencies

    Product Code: BKS11691 $12.57 View More