Provide outstanding education in your EYFS and KS1 classroom with our huge range of quality early years resources. Inspire children to express themselves through song, dance and movement with unique and traditional musical instruments.

  • Complete Music Area 3-4yrs

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  • Music Resource Collection 3-5yrs

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  • Set of Natural Musical Instruments

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  • Set of Plastic Musical Instruments

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  • Set of Egg Shakers

    Product Code: MU04 $17.13 View More
  • Set of Painted Egg Shakers

    Set of Painted Egg Shakers

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  • Set of Wrist Bells

    Set of Wrist Bells

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  • Set of Maracas

    Set of Maracas

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  • Set of Painted Rainsticks

    Set of Painted Rainsticks

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  • Set of Clackers and Shakers

    Set of Clackers and Shakers

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  • Set of Monkey Drums

    Set of Monkey Drums

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  • Set of Damarus

    Set of Damarus Drums

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  • Wooden Hand Drum 20cm

    Wooden Hand Drum

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  • Set of Scrapers

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  • Set of Frog Huiros

    Set of Frog Guiros

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  • Set of Cow Bells

    Set of Cow Bells

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