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International Briefing: Meeting the Needs of Your School Community


Few could have imagined how quickly our lives would have changed over the last few months, not least for schools and settings across the world.  The next steps will gradually become clearer, along with whatever the new normal may be; but during these coming weeks and months we will all need to consider how best we are going to meet the needs of our whole school community.

Join us for our Autumn International Briefing Webinar to hear latest updates and practical guidance on supporting your youngest children and those working with them.  

Many aspects of  Early Years Policy in England and supporting materials are going through  significant change this year.  As priorities at all levels have shifted; we will also explore where things currently stand with the proposals and the implications for the coming year for teachers and school leaders.

The session will provide at a strategic and practical level:

  • The opportunity to reflect on experiences of children returning to schools and settings
  • Latest information the changes that had been proposed to the EYFS and supporting materials

Dates and Times:
Wednesday 26th August
Wednesday 9th September

10.00am – 11.30am

£45 (exc. VAT) per person

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