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EYFS Profile Moderation

The EYFS Profile: Effective Processes and Professional Conversations

This course will focus on the assessment process for the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. We will explore the DfE exemplification materials, examine the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) and reflect on ways to ensure that conversations about each child captures learning holistically and accurately. We will hold professional discussions to ensure accuracy and consistency of judgements and there will be an opportunity for you to discuss and moderate your own EYFS Profile assessments.

You can opt to join the three-part webinar programme, or join a full day face-to-face event where all three sessions will be delivered during the day with time for further discussion.

There will be course materials to read and additional tasks to undertake to maximise impact of the course and to support with the transition into Key Stage One. You will also receive access to further guidance materials and video exemplification clips to use back in school with EYFS and KS1 colleagues.

The course will cover:

Part 1: Principles of Assessment
In the first part of this course, we will explore the principles of assessment in the EYFS, focusing in on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile at the end of the Reception Year. We will explore the statutory documentation related to assessment and the EYFSP, including the DfE exemplification materials. We will go on to examine the ELGs in more detail and consider the implications of best-fit judgements.

Part 2: Professional Conversations
Drawing on practical examples, we will explore the importance of gaining a holistic view of the child through professional conversations with others. We will consider the unique child and contextual experiences that contribute to holistic assessment and explore how we form accurate judgements from this.

Part 3: Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency
In the final part of this course, there will be an opportunity for you to engage in professional conversations with others and to moderate your own EYFS Profile judgements. There will be opportunities to discuss individual assessments and to develop accurate and consistent judgements for the EYFS Profile.


  • Unpick and understand the assessment process for the EYFS Profile
  • Examine videos of child-initiated learning and explore how best-fit judgements are made with the ELGs
  • Engage in professional discussions to moderate assessments and develop accuracy and consistency of judgements

Audience: EYFS Teachers & EYFS Leaders

Price: £175 (exc. VAT) per person

Live Online Webinar
Part 1 – Thursday 18th May
Part 2 – Thursday 25th May
Part 3 – Thursday 8th June
1.30pm – 3.00pm

Live Face-to-Face
National Centre – Wednesday 3rd May
9.30am – 3.30pm

For more information and to book your place, please follow the link below.

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