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Next Steps: Moving on Through KS1


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As children move into Key Stage One, it is important that practitioners promote learning that meets the needs and interests of these pupils. This course is designed to enable Year 1 and Year 2 teachers to build on effective practice in the Foundation Stage, ensuring that children make progress towards end of Key Stage expectations. It will consider how young children learn best and the implications of this for teaching strategies in the classroom.

In this exciting session, Professor Julie Fisher will consider recent evidence about how children learn and question whether current practice in Key Stage One optimises these ways of learning. Challenging the reliance on teacher-directed activity, she asks whether introducing more child-initiated learning could offer children a more appropriate balance of learning opportunities.

The final session of the day will be led by teachers who have embedded this approach. Sharing many practical ideas, they will discuss the challenges and the impact this has had on both staff and children.


  • A clear understanding of the value and impact of a child-led ethos on learning in KS1
  • Descriptions and case studies of good practice that stem from established principles of learning and teaching
  • A focus on ways to organising the learning day to include child-initiated activity
  • Practical suggestions for developing child led learning and provision

Reception Teachers and Year 1 Teachers

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  • 17th March 2021 – EEx Northern Centre, Huddersfield
  • 24th March 2021 – Nottingham Nursery School

Price and time:

  • £175.00 (exc. VAT)
  • 9.30am – 3.30pm

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