We Could Be Heroes: The Power of Imaginative Play

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Nottingham Hub March 6th, 2019 4:30 pm $46.31

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Whether it be super heroes, story book characters or inspiring historical figures; exploring the life of another person whilst in role offers a rich seam of powerful learning opportunities across the curriculum in KS1.

Stepping into another’s shoes encourages children to safely explore moral issues and develop a sense of empathy through their play and during this twilight we will consider practical ways to support children with developing their imaginative play.  We will discuss how to use it to successfully strengthen their social skills, language skills and storytelling – as well as using it as a meaningful approach  to deepen their understanding of the lives of others, both modern day and in the past.


  • Develop an understanding of how imaginative role play can be used to support learning across KS1
  • Gain ideas for how it can be modelled, taught and extended
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EEx Curriculum Team
KS1 Teams seeking inspiration and new ideas