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Baseline Overview & Recommendations

The government plans to introduce a new Reception Baseline in September 2020. In September 2019 a voluntary national pilot will take place which schools can choose to join.

The guidance issued by the DfE makes it clear that the new Reception Baseline Assessment:

  • Will not provide on-going formative information for practitioners
  • Will not provide diagnostic information about pupils’ areas for development

In our view schools should not waste time on piloting something of no benefit. The nature of the tasks, the time it will take per child to complete and the narrow focus on literacy, language and maths, makes it unsuitable – something to be avoided.

At Early Excellence, we believe that a robust, accurate and useful Baseline that informs teaching and learning is essential – and we recommend continuing to undertake teacher-led, on-entry assessment as you have always done.

Current EExBA Users
The pilot of the new proposed ‘test’ will go ahead in September 2019, but as the data will be inaccessible to schools and therefore of little value, we recommend that you continue using EExBA in 2019/20 to ensure that comparable, year on year data is collected and can be analysed.

Simply login to your account and add your September 2019/20 intake numbers as soon as you know them.

New EExBA Users:
Thousands of Primary Schools continue to use EExBA, the Early Excellence Baseline, to complete their on-entry assessment – and it will continue to be available to any schools wanting to use it – both new and existing users – so do take a look at what it offers you.

To sign-up for EExBA 2019/20 click here.