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What is EExAT?

The Early Excellence Assessment Tracker (EExAT) offers you an award winning online assessment system to track, document and report children’s attainment and progress Birth – 5yrs, with parent involvement built in.

Specifically developed for schools who value early years and understand the importance of assessing the whole child – their well-being, dispositions, knowledge and skills – if this sounds like you, read on as you will love EExAT.

At the heart of the system is a Child Development Framework with short, precise development statements Birth – 5yrs.  These inform accurate teacher assessment and guide next steps in planning. Evidence of attainment is captured and documented in the Evidence Bank and used to create online Learning Journals which are shared with and contributed to by parents.

A Reporting Function enables detailed Pupil Reports as well as class and cohort data reporting to take place in real time, at the click of a button – and an additional feature enables Local Clusters, Academy Groups and MATs to collate and share data.

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Why choose EExAT now?

Why struggle anymore with a system that only does one part of the job, or several systems that don’t work together? EExAT is a fully integrated system which offers practitioners, teachers, leaders and parents a simple to use solution that you can trust.

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