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EExAT User Survey 2021

As a valued EExAT Customer, we would like to hear your thoughts and feedback about the EExAT system and the service provided.

As you will know from our recent communications (Newsletter and Dashboard recording), our revised and refreshed EExAT 2021 preparations are well underway! However, to support us further in our work, it would be helpful if you could please respond to this short survey:

  • 1.How did you hear about EExAT prior to purchasing the system?
  • 2.Why did your setting / school choose EExAT?
  • 3. How helpful did you find the New User Training? 1 - Not helpful 5 - Very helpful
  • 4. How useful do you find the annual Mandatory Update Training? 1 - Not Useful 5 - Very Useful
  • 5. Please tell us of any other EExAT training opportunities that you would like to be offered
  • 6.Do you find the dashboard useful?
  • 7. Which parts of the dashboard do you make the most use of?
  • 8.Which method for communicating newsletters would you the find most useful?
  • 9.Have you had accessed our helpdesk/tracking email support?
  • 10. How effective was the support? 1 - Not Useful 5 - Very Useful
  • 11.What do you like about using EExAT?
  • 12. In what positive ways has EExAT impacted upon your School?
  • 12a. In what positive ways has EExAT impacted upon your practice?
  • 12b. In what positive ways has EExAT impacted upon your provision?
  • 13. Which of the video exemplifications do you use? More than one option can be selected.
  • 13a. If you do not use the videos please explain why
  • 14. Which reports do you use most frequently?
  • 15. Do you feel that EExAT offers good value for money?
  • 15a. If not please explain why?
  • 16. What suggestions do you have for possible improvements for the EExAT system?
  • 17. How likely is it that your school/setting will continue to use EExAT into the new academic year? 1 - Not Likely 5 - Very Likely
  • 18. Would you value a 1:1 discussion with an EExAT consultant?
  • 19. Which age brackets for a Child Development Tracker would you be most interested in using? Select only one option.
  • 20. Please summarise in 1 sentence your experience of using EExAT that you would be happy for us to use in our Marketing.


Many thanks for your continued support.


The EExAT Team