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Join a Master Class with Dr. Janet Rose

The Caring & Daring Practitioner

Full Day Seminar, June 2019

Join this high-level seminar focused on how Early Years’ practitioners can provide young children with optimal learning conditions. During the seminar Dr. Janet Rose, who is well known for her expertise in young children’s mental health, resilience and well-being, will explore in-depth the notions of self-regulation, executive function, the ‘zone of tolerable stress’ and the idea of a ‘secure base classroom’ and help delegates understand how Early Years practitioners can operate within this ‘zone’.

Reference will be made to research and neuroscientific evidence which identifies the role of two key neurobiological systems – the stress response system and the social engagement system – both of which play an integral role in enabling children to focus and sustain their attention on academic and social demands.

Relevant links will be made to well-known practices such as sustained shared thinking and the Characteristics of Effective Learning, as well as the different roles practitioners need to play in supporting learning and well-being.

This will be a comprehensive session for EYFS Leaders who are keen to acquire greater knowledge and be further challenged in their own practice and the practice they support.


  • A deeper understanding of children’s mental health, resilience and well-being
  • Access to research about neurological systems and their impact on development
  • The role of the adult/s in creating a secure base classroom
  • Practical strategies to help children focus and sustain their attention on academic and social demands

Venue / Dates
London Centre, Friday 7th June

9.30am – 3.30pm

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Janet is the Principal of Norland College. Until recently she was a Reader in Education, Principal Lecturer, Programme and Award Leader for Early Childhood Education at Bath Spa University.

Janet has over 20 years’ experience of working in the early years both in England and internationally. She has recently co-written a book on Health and Well-being in the Early Years and is the co-author of ‘The Role of the Adult in Early Years Settings’.

Janet has led a national research project called ‘Attachment Aware Schools’, which is a comprehensive programme of support for children affected by early attachment difficulties, trauma and neglect – and has led research projects that implemented a community-wide, cross-disciplinary approach to promoting children’s resilience and well-being.