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Attend the Summer 2018 National Briefing

Join us for this term’s headline event ‘Understanding Best Practice in the Reception Year’ in which we explore how the everyday curriculum in YR can be refined to support the learning and developmental needs of children in this, their final year of the EYFS.

We will be unpicking in detail the challenges raised in Ofsted’s Bold Beginnings Thematic Survey of Reception providing real answers to the many questions currently being discussed in schools at both a strategic and practical level including:

  • What is now seen as best practice in YR?
  • What, if anything, should YR teachers change?
  • How do I know if YR has ‘sufficient’ direct teaching?
  • What does direct teaching look like in all its many facets?

We will also be exploring the main focus of Ofsted’s Survey and thinking about:

  • How can the teaching of literacy & maths can be strengthened to secure good outcomes for all children?

As you can tell, this seminar will be packed with information to help you review your current approaches and as such will be slightly longer than our usual National Briefings.

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