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Summer National Briefings

Building on the huge success of our National Briefings co‑delivered with Ofsted, this term we are partnering with the NAHT to provide high level, highly informative and challenging updates on national issues effecting the strategic leadership of early years in schools.

Join us at one of these Nationwide Events and gain:

  • A national perspective of current issues effecting schools including 30 hour funding, two year olds in schools, EYFS inspection findings and the future of primary accountability.
  • A uniquely informed perspective of the reception year drawn from the findings, recommendations and implications of The Hundred Review which was contributed to by over 4000 school leaders and EYFS teachers.
    (A copy of The Hundred Review Executive Summary will be available along with links to the full report and all of the recent research undertaken about the Reception Year.)
  • An Early Excellence perspective on the Consultation on Primary Assessment which amongst its wide-ranging scope, raises specific questions about the EYFSP and the role of baseline assessment in YR.
  • An NAHT perspective on the Consultation on Primary Assessment with a filmed interview with Judy Shaw, NAHT Early Years Committee sharing with Early Excellence the associations key messages around specific aspects of primary assessment including the NAHT view of  baseline, its purpose, nature and scope.

We are delighted that the NAHT are partnering with us and that Judy Shaw, Chair of the NAHT Early Years Committee will present in person at our Northern Centre on Thursday 18th May and James Bowen, NAHT Edge Director, will present in person on 22nd May in our London Centre.

Download the NAHT’s Redressing the Balance report

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Dates & Venues

Morning Session National Briefings (9.30am – 12.00pm)

  • Early Excellence Northern Centre: Thursday 18th May
  • Early Excellence London Centre: Monday 22nd May
  • Holiday Inn Ashford Central: Tuesday 23rd May
  • Ramside Hall Durham: Friday 26th May
  • Holiday Inn Norwich: Friday 9th June
  • Early Excellence London Centre: Monday 12th June
  • Early Excellence Northern Centre: Tuesday 13th June
  • Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel: Friday 16th June

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Afternoon Session National Briefings (1.00pm – 3.30pm)

  • Early Excellence Northern Centre: Thursday 18th May
  • Early Excellence London Centre: Monday 22nd May
  • Holiday Inn Ashford Central: Tuesday 23rd May
  • Holiday Inn Birmingham: Thursday 25th May
  • Yew Lodge Hotel Derby: Thursday 8th June
  • Early Excellence Northern Centre: Tuesday 13th June

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