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The Psychology of Learning & Teaching in the Early Years – Northern Centre

Course description

The key to successful teaching is understanding learning. This thought provoking seminar will offer insight and a broad understanding of the psychological theories which attempt to explain how young children develop as learners. Dr. Ioanna Palaiologou will demonstrate that all educational practices are underpinned by one or more of these theories; she will help unlock these theories and explore the possible barriers to learning.

During the session delegates will discuss the related implications for planning, teaching and professional development: have time to reflect on the children they work with and together explore solutions that close the attainment gap and lead to successful outcomes for all children.


  • Gain a deeper knowledge of educational psychology theory.
  • An understanding of how the different theories relate to the development of learning.
  • Clarity around the implications this has for successfully teaching young children.


Course type High Level Seminar
Led by Dr. Ioanna Palaiologou
Price £100.00 exc. VAT
Audience Headteachers, Senior Leaders & EYFS Leaders

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