The Language of Learning: A Practical Guide to Executive Functioning in the EYFS with Jan Dubiel

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Northern Centre 14/02/2018 £95
London Centre 02/02/2018 £95

Research indicates that a young child’s ability to self-regulate is a critical learning – and learnable – behaviour and one of the key indicators for long term success. To ensure a deeper understanding of the importance and impact of self-regulation, this seminar will explore its nature and its role in early childhood development. There will be a strong focus on how self-regulation can be ‘taught’ and supported in the EYFS and practical advice on how to ensure that approaches to pedagogy create meaningful and realistic opportunities for this.


  • Understand the critical importance
    of self-managing feelings, emotions and impulses
  • Gain practical advice about how self-regulation can be taught through meaningful pedagogy
  • Greater knowledge of self-regulation can be used to target the needs and dispositions of individual children
Course type
Half Day Seminar
Led by
Jan Dubiel, International Director
£95.00 exc. VAT
Headteachers, Senior Leaders, EYFS Leaders