The Caring & Daring Practitioner

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London Centre June 7th, 2019 9:30 am $264.60
Northern Centre June 6th, 2019 9:30 am $264.60

Product Description

This session will focus on how early years practitioners need to both ‘care’ and ‘dare’ young children to promote an optimal learning and wellbeing environment.  It considers the notions of self-regulation, executive function, the ‘zone of tolerable stress’ and the idea of a ‘secure base classroom’, as well as how early years practitioners might operate within this ‘zone’.

Reference is made to research and neuroscientific evidence which identifies the role of two key neurobiological systems – the stress response system and the social engagement system – which play an integral role in enabling children to focus and sustain their attention on the academic and social demands of the EYFS.  Relevant links are also made to well-known practices such as sustained shared thinking and the characteristics of effective learning, as well as the different roles practitioners need to play in supporting learning and wellbeing.


  • Practical strategies to facilitate young children’s well-being and progress
  • A clearer understanding of the role of the neurological systems on development
  • Understand the critical importance of self-managing feelings, emotions and impulses
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One Day Course
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Led by
Janet Rose
Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Teachers