Removing Barriers to Learning: Improving Provision for Language and Communication

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Northern Centre 02/02/2018 £175
London Centre 08/02/2018 £175

The acquisition of spoken language and communication skills in early childhood builds strong foundations for reading, writing and mathematics in later life. Using our latest audio and film exemplification, this course will equip practitioners with detailed knowledge of the key milestones in early listening and attention, understanding, speaking and social communication.
Delegates will observe and practice new ways to communicate and model language alongside children’s play; and explore the idea of learning pathways to address specific language needs and challenge you to think differently about early intervention programmes – discovering how to ensure that all children are exposed to quality talk within high quality continuous provision.


  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the developmental stages of early talk.
  • Strategies to help you create a language rich environment.
  • Tools to help you lead and support others with improving provision for communication and language.
Course type
One Day Course
Led by
Early Excellence Consultant Team
£175.00 exc. VAT
Additional Delegate Price
£150.00 exc. VAT
EYFS Leaders, Senior Leaders, SENCO's, Teachers