Studio Furniture 3‑5yrs
Mobile Studio Unit 1

Mobile Studio Unit

£335.00 (exc VAT)

£402.00 (inc VAT)


By creating a dedicated space _ a Studio for children to explore objects and artefacts _ you will enable much focused thinking to take place. This Mobile Studio Unit has been designed with just that Studio space in mind, providing sectioned areas to house artefacts, objects of interest, and display special finds, or alternatively it can be used to store all the creative tools you can muster; beautiful watercolour paints, fine pencils and charcoal sticks, brushes, buttons, labels, pads and paper.

Control measures required
– All four locking devises must be engaged at all times when the unit is stationary. The locking devices must only be released when the unit is being moved.
– Climbing on to the unit is strictly forbidden. Ensure adequate Supervision of children is provided.
– Only Staff/Teachers are to move the unit.
– It is recommended that the heaviest items are stored at the bottom of the unit and that the units are not overfilled.
– Remove all items from the shelves when moving the unit.

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