Low Level Furniture Units 2-3yrs
Mid-Level Book Unit 1

Mid-Level Book Unit

From: £295.00 (exc VAT)

£354.00 (inc VAT)


This unit offers ample space for front facing display and a wide shelf for presenting small collections of books which offer greater choice. This unit also incorporates additional storage space in the middle. This unit is available in five style options. Please note that price is dependent on style.

A Single Side Straight Back

Choose this style of unit if you want to place
two units together. The straight back enables 
it to sit up against another unit securely, with no
 gaps.You will need to order two units with straight 
backs and place them together – for example, 
if you order a straight back role play store and
 a straight back book unit you can place them 
together back to back. This style of unit MUST NEVER stand on its own without support.

Dimensions: H98 x L90 x D35cm

B Single Side Wing Back
Choose this style of unit if you want it to stand
 on its own and be independently secure. The winged design of the side panel gives this unit stability, enabling it to be used on its own either
 at right angles to a wall or in the middle of a room.

Dimensions: H98 x L90 x D48cm

C Velcro Display Board
When you choose a single side winged unit you can add an additional surface to the back of the unit. Adding a Velcro pin board will provide low level display so that children’s work, photos, signs and labels can be presented in your areas of provision.

Dimensions: L80.5 x W85cm

D Magnetic White Board
Add a magnetic white board to the back of
a single side winged unit to create a great surface for children to record their ideas, develop stories, draw maps and plans. It can also be used for magnetic letters, numbers and other objects.

Dimensions: L80.5 x W85cm

E Perspex Mirror
Add a mirrored surface to the back of a unit and create a space near to your role play area for children to look at and admire themselves as they dress-up.

Dimensions: L80.5 x W85cm

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