Leading the EYFS with Skill & Confidence

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London Centre September 22nd, 2017 See description $719.40

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To lead a team effectively and inspire a continual drive towards excellence requires highest quality leadership. This long-term project will support leaders to deepen their understanding of the multi-faceted nature of their role; ensuring they are able to motivate and inspire their teams, whilst remaining focussed on what matters for young children. The programme has been designed to provide you with many opportunities to reflect upon your own expertise and enrich your professional knowledge of outstanding early years education. Throughout the course you will be invited to participate in variety of a gap tasks. Each will be designed to support you in your leadership journey and there will be opportunities to share and celebrate the groups learning on Day 4.

Day 1: Leading Values
The project will begin by establishing absolute clarity about what we want for young children, taking delegates back to their values and motivations as educators and establishing a clear vision of excellence.

Day 2: Leading Practice
This day will explore how it is essential that leadership is based on secure understandings of best practice, quality provision and the ability to monitor the impact on children’s overall development.

Day 3: Leading People
During this day participants will consider how to effectively manage and lead others. We will explore models of mentoring, performance management and designing effective staff development programmes

Day 4: Leading Accountability
This day will include a review of current approaches to assessment and how data can be used to inform practice and provision both responsively and strategically. We will explore ways of clearly identifying and prioritising areas for development, the process of change and its management. Time will also be given to discuss ways of presenting information to others


  • Greater confidence in your role as a leader.
  • Strategies to support you with successfully leading change.
  • Clarity of the relationship between forms of evidence and professional accountability.
  • The opportunity to work collaboratively with other early years leaders.


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Four Day Course
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Early Excellence Consultant Team
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EYFS Leaders, Senior Leaders