Developing Skilful Leadership of the EYFS

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London Centre November 30th, 2018 9:30 am $727.65
Northern Centre November 19th, 2018 9:30 am $727.65

Product Description

To lead a team effectively and inspire a continual drive towards excellence requires high quality leadership skills. To support current EYFS leaders in developing these skills, this four-day course will focus on the multi-faceted nature of their role, covering the key areas involved in leading the EYFS with skill and confidence.

Day One – Establishing Shared Vision + Values
This day will focus on leading by establishing clarity about what we want for young children. The course will ask delegates to explore their own values and motivation as educations and benchmark these in order to establish a clear vision of excellence. Activities will be introduced that leaders can use back with their teams.

Day Two – Exploring Monitoring
Leading practice is the focus of day two with interactive sessions to explore how leaders monitor and drive outcomes based on the depth of their own understanding of best practice and quality provision. The ability to monitor practice of children’s overall development is key – and gap tasks will be introduced to extend development.

Day Three – Securing and Demonstrating Progress
Day three will explore accountability. We will focus on reviewing current approaches to assessment and how data is used to inform practice and provision both responsively and strategically. We will explore ways of clearly identifying and prioritising areas for development, the process of change and its management. Time will also be given to discuss ways of presenting this information to others.

Day Four – Developing the EYFS Team
On this final day we will focus on leading people, considering how to effectively manage and lead others. We will explore models of mentoring, performance management and designing effective staff development programmes. We will spend the afternoon in a local school.


  • Greater confidence in your role leading and inspiring others to make a sustained impact
  • Strategies to support you with successfully leading change
  • The opportunity to work collaboratively with other early years leaders
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Four Day Course
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EEx Curriculum Team
EYFS Leaders keen to develop greater skills and confidence