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Choosing your EExAT Modules

EExAT Modules in Detail

Module 1: Tracking & Reporting Progress
This module provides a Birth to end of EYFS summative assessment tracker with up to four assessment points per year. It gives focus to children’s Well-being and Involvement and uses a series of assessment statements based on the:

  • EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning.
  • EYFS Prime Areas of Learning.
  • EYFS Specific Areas of Learning.

In this module you use your knowledge of the child to record summative judgements. It is quick and easy to use and generates an age related outcome as well as a non age related score. The information from each child’s tracker automatically populates the Reports section – a comprehensive and flexible system enabling you to report on both attainment and progress at child and cohort level, with a further option to apply a range of filters for more detailed data analysis.

EExAT is unique in that it tracks development and learning against age related statements using a yes/not yet approach, rather than best fit, so that judgements are precise and data is consistent. What’s more, statements are supported by over 400 film clips of babies, toddlers and young children, including children with SEND. These act as an in-built moderation tool to build practitioner knowledge and secure accurate, consistent judgements, and are an invaluable resource for CPD.


  • Demonstrates attainment and progress in relation to their age, across all areas of learning.
  • Generates a score enabling you to capture an on-entry baseline when they start, and generates a cumulative score at the end of each term.
  • Assessment based on practitioner knowledge of the child.
  • No tasks, tests or expectations to record additional ‘evidence’.
  • Over 400 best practice film clips of EYFS children, including children with specific needs, each demonstrating what is typical for their age.
  • Comprehensive reporting system which creates live reports at pupil and cohort levels.

See Sample Assessment Statements

Module 2: Documenting & Moderating Learning
This module provides a comprehensive system for documenting and sharing children’s learning and development using any mobile or tablet device. EExAT supports a smooth and efficient documentation process; written observations, notes, images and video clips can be uploaded to the EExAT system.

A web app enables one click access so that learning can be captured in the moment, wherever and whenever it occurs.

This enables you to create evidence banks and:

  • Tag evidence to children’s trackers to demonstrate progress between assessments.
  • Filter for particular evidence e.g. evidence linked to PSED, a particular child etc.
  • Submit evidence for in-school moderation.
  • Select images, text and video clips to create individualised Learning Journals.
  • This module also includes a Parent Portal and Parent App to enable you to engage with parents/carers by exchanging significant learning and moments by sharing images, observations and comments.
  • All online and in the moment.

See Sample Learning Journal

Module 3: Group Moderation & Data Reporting
A further extension to EExAT provides the functionality for data collection and analysis across schools. This enables linked schools – such as those within an academy trust or nursery chain – to share information.

The system provides the ‘host’ school organisation with:

  • Individual and aggregated school data and reports.
  • Cross school moderation files to support consistency and analysis of judgements.

What does EExAT Cost?

*All prices exclude VAT. Small: 1-35 EYFS pupils, Medium: 36-95 EYFS pupils, Large: 96-180 EYFS pupils, X Large: 181+ EYFS pupils