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London Centre Open Evening – 2nd October

Roll Again! Teach Maths Through Games

Join us for this exciting open evening as we explore the wonderful world of maths.

Game playing demands high levels of concentration, problem solving and strategic thinking. As children play games, they practice and embed skills, develop organisational skills, learn to cooperate and have fun.

Enabling children in EYFS and KS1 to invent their own games widens these opportunities further. This hands-on session will give delegates an opportunity to look at different examples of maths games as well as a chance to create and play games using everyday classroom resources. Why not come along with other members of your team and challenge them to a game?

Venue / Date
London Centre, Tuesday 2nd October

The Open Evening begins with refreshments from 4.00pm followed by presentations and practical activities from 4.45pm until 6pm. The Centre will remain open for shopping and browsing until 7:00pm.

£5.00 (exc VAT) per delegate

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